Real Estate Tax

Typically, Real Estate Taxes are due the first week of February and approximately mid-July of each year.  Taxes are mailed twice a year and run a year in arrears. If taxes are not paid on the due date, there will be a 5% penalty added for the first 10 days. If taxes remain unpaid after the first 10 days of the due date, a 10% penalty will be added.  Real Estate Taxes are figured on 35% of the market value of your property.  The Treasurer’s office accepts cash, check, Visa and/or Master Card for payments.  If you choose to use a credit/debit card there is a $2.00 charge for Debit or a 3% charge for credit.  We are unable to accept payments over the telephone.

A red drop box has been installed in the walkway of the east door of the Courthouse.  This drop box can be used for any of the departments within the Courthouse.


If you need a copy of your tax bill, you can call our office at 419-399-8280.

Real Estate Taxes Are Due Wednesday, February 2, 2022 Mobile Home Taxes Are Due Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Dates to Remember:

2022 pay 2023
Real Estate – February 8, July 12
Mobile Home – March 1, July 31

Prior Tax Due Dates:

2021 pay 2022
Real Estate – February 2, July 13
Mobile Home – March 1, July 29

2020 pay 2021
Real Estate – February 3, July 14
Mobile Home – March 1, July 30

2019 pay 2020
Real Estate – February 5, July 15
Mobile Home – March 1, July 31